Besides traditional SEO and social media publicity, I also garnered attention for by doing radio interviews, television promotions and by being featured in newspaper articles. I appeared on a FoxNews roundtable with other sports experts and was the featured site on ESPN2’s SportsNation. The Bergen Record, St Louis Business Journal, Riverfront Times, ABA Magazine and Jewish Standard wrote feature-length stories about my web ventures.  I’ve been a guest on radio stations in Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Cleveland, San Diego and other cities mostly discussing college basketball and the NBA Draft. During the basketball season, I’ve regularly been quoted by national media including,, the Miami Herald, Detroit Free Press, and many more. While these opportunities occasionally came to me, more often, I needed to write and submit press releases or reach out to relevant media members.

While PR was not a main focus of my role with IQPC, I occasionally stepped in and wrote press releases on an as-needed basis, promoting them through aggregation sites or media outreach. Another byproduct of this experience is that I’m comfortable conducting interviews with global thought leaders for my content marketing strategies.


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