HappySmart & Humor

pizzaYou can get a sense of my wit and creativity at HappysmartBook.com. The HSB features simple bare-bones sketches that aim to provide a moment of insight and a smile. Some of the drawings are simple visual puns, others offer a bit of social commentary/satire, while others offer a brief narrative. The goal is not to wow readers with my artistic abilities, but to wow them with my ability to condense complex issues or ideas into their essence. Inspiration comes from advertising slogans, late-night tv jokes, and comics. A print version of the HappySmartBook is in the works (The picture at the left is from my school drawings.)

On Twitter, I’ve built up over 10,000 followers @HappySmartBook who are fans of my drawings and my humor. On the most part, my Twitter account is a platform for jokes and puns. Check out my Top 10 Most Retweeted Jokes.

TrippyCelebs.com is a very straight-forward website: distorted, off-kilter, trippy portraits of famous celebrities. All of the drawings are done by hand using the simplest of tools: a pen on printer paper. Besides being visually interesting, they also aim to poke fun at celebrity culture.. taking the icon out of icons.

MartiniPop.com is a collection of 99 martini-themed drawings that will be assembled into a coffee table book. Each of the drawings features an amusing representation of a historical figure, celebrity, place, or object on a martini glass. For example Abe Lincoln Martini, Martini Navratilova, or Pope John Martini II. Part of the goal (besides eliciting a smile) is to represent the intended figure in the simplest way possible.


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