Content Strategy

facadeinfoHow do you make the mundane interesting? How do you make old news fresh? And more importantly: How do you do both of those things while increasing leads and generating sales? That was my objective as Online Content Director with IQPC, a global conference company that generates $20 million of revenue in the U.S.

My interest in content marketing was a natural offshoot from years of experience creating and marketing content for At IQPC, my content generated $450,000 of revenue in 2013 and grew to $750,000 in 2014. I also helped the NYC commercial marketing team generate 20,000+ leads both years.

With IQPC, I created videos, infographs, e-books, podcasts, articles, whitepapers, and interviewed high-level execs for Q&A’s (from companies such as Google, AT&T and Novartis to name a few). I am also a major believer in curating content as a way to build brand stature, and created “listicles” and webpages that curated 3rd party infographics, statistics and quotes.

In many cases, I created content myself while at other times I conceived of content strategies that others executed. I worked with graphic designers and freelance writers as well. Besides the actual content pieces, I wrote & designed email and social media campaigns to promote the content pieces. Content was also promoted on niche 3rd party media sites and through traditional display and text advertising networks.

Tangible content aside, my best asset is my skepticism of the status quo and a constant desire to do things more efficiently. In my time at IQPC, we implemented new content planning strategies that played a major role in year on year growth.

In January of 2015, I took on a new role with an up-and-coming company called BeenVerified where I am charged with building up their content marketing program.

Please visit my content portfolio to see examples of my work.


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