My interest in markcallcenterweeketing started when I created in 2002. With no budget to promote the site, I needed to learn how to master online marketing. I developed strategies to market the site using SEO, guerrilla tactics on message boards, PR work, email campaigns, content marketing and eventually social media marketing (once social media became a thing.)

Ultimately, the site succeeded because of its content. But the content was always created with marketing in the back of my mind. I created awards series and rankings that were used to generate interest from local team fans and national media. The idea was always to create “viral” campaigns that expanded the site beyond its regular reach. This led to content that was featured on sites such as, and

Once I moved on from after a profitable decade, it was a natural to delve into contentmarketing. My career with IQPC started with a content marketing position and continued with a promotion to Online Content/Creative Director. In this role, I wasstill engaged in content marketing but also email marketing, SEO, web design and copywriting. I worked with my marketing team to ensure quality of all copy and design, and also held training sessions on online marketing best practices. My biggest joy in this current role is seeing other marketers take my ideas and put them into practice.

In January of 2015, I took another step in my journey, taking on a new role with BeenVerified as Director of Content Marketing & Communications.


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