Who is Shawn Siegel?

ShawnSiegelEyeamShawn.com tells the story about who I am, where I’ve been and where I’m going. My passion is mastering that elusive gap between business and creativity.

My Story. After a wrapping up an educational career that included graduating from Washington University Law School and becoming a member of the New Jersey Bar Association, I devoted nearly a decade to building a successful web business. CollegeHoops.net became the largest independent college basketball site, and was at times more profitable than I ever imagined. It succeeded because of my passion for creating original content, my ability to manage a trusted team of writers, my thorough understanding of search engine optimization, and marketing the heck out of it. After deciding it was time to turn a new page, I parlayed my content and marketing experience into a content marketing role at IQPC, which ultimately led to me being Online Content/Creative Director. This role combined my passion for original content and creative marketing. I have recently taken on a new position with BeenVerified (also working on NeighborWho.com) to be Director of Content Marketing & Communications.

Where I’m Going: In business circles, I’m seen as the “creative guy”. In creative circles, I’m seen as the “business guy.” Advertising and marketing are fields where it pays to be both a  business and creative guy. This is why I love online content: because it is where profitability meets creativity.

Brands, traditional publishers and marketing are merging into one. My background in publishing and marketing makes me a potentially valuable asset for a company that understands this future.

Outside of work, my main creative outlet is HappySmartBook.com, a site featuring witty illustrations in a style similar to Demetri Martin. (I’m also frequently posting jokes @happysmartbook.) I’ve also created a portfolio of spec ads and ad manifestos that shows how I can apply my skills to advertising. These are the building blocks for expanding my career.

Please explore the different sections of EyeAmShawn.com to learn about the breadth of my accomplishments and skills. You might be surprised by what you learn:





Spec Ads

Content Development & Strategy


Public Relations


If you’d like to contact me, please email at shawn.siegel2@gmail.com. For more in-depth information, you can also visit my LinkedIn page, or you can download my paper resume.

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