Advertising Portfolio

Below you’ll find a portfolio of spec ads and manifestos that I created to showcase my creativity. I’m certainly no graphic design wizard, so bear with me on the finished product, but I hope my intuitive artistic sensibilities are highlighted along with my copywriting abilities.

Please contact me if you like what you see.

Adidas Adipure Trainer

Brooklyn Nets –  Manifesto & Ad campaign

Clean & Clear – Stand Out From the Crowd

DORCY – Manifesto & ad

eBay – eBay Instead campaign

EyeAmShawn – My personal manifesto

Head & Shoulders

LG – Let Go campaign

Skinny Cow – Be fat without being fat.

Zyrtec – Be Nosey campaign

Chivas Regal

Jameson Irish Whiskey

White Rock Seltzer – H2O+CO2=AHHHH!

In-Progress Concepts & Sketches

Miller Genuine Draft – Happy drafting.

Norton Antivirus

Porsche – Overcompensation. So worth it.

Right Guard – Use Right Guard. Never sit alone.

Singapore Airlines First Class – Your living room will be jealous.

Top Flite: XL 7000 Golf Ball – Its not your fault the course is too short.

VW Beetle – You don’t buy a Beetle, you fall in love with it.

Lastly, check out my collection of original taglines.


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