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Advertising Portfolio

My collection of original Spec Ads.  Along with each ad, I’ve included notes about the target consumer and alternative ideas to the copy/art shown. To show my versatility, the ads cover a wide variety of products and consumers. Concepts, art, and copy can’t be reused without my consent.

When you’re through, please check out my Original Taglines.



Multiple Ad Campaigns

eBay – eBay Instead

Zyrtec – Be Nosey.

Chivas Regal


Individual Ads

Clean & Clear

Head & Shoulders – You’re not fooling anybody.

Jameson Irish Whiskey


Miller Genuine Draft – Happy drafting.


Porsche – Overcompensation. So worth it.

Top Flite: XL 7000 Golf Ball – Its not your fault the course is too short.

VW Beetle – You don’t buy a Beetle, you fall in love with it.


Other Ads

Adidas Adipure Trainer

Marines – Think this is pressure?? You have no idea.

Norton Antivirus

Right Guard – Use Right Guard. Never sit alone.

Singapore Airlines First Class – Your living room will be jealous.


Raw Ideas

Brooklyn Nets

Diesel Jeans

Energizer Recharge

Fidelity Investments

Samsung Galaxy SIII




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