Along with my Portfolio of Ads and Manifestos, the following collection of original taglines is a chance for me to show off my creative chops.  The text, ideas, and concepts can’t be reused without my consent. Enjoy.


Cartier – Explore Luxury

Century 21 – Because Price Is An Obstacle

Covestor (online investment management) – What kind of Covestor are you?

Ebay – Ebay Instead

E-Trade Advisory – Live. Long. Prosper.

Extra Polar Ice – Air Condition Your Mouth

Irish Mist Liquer – Every Sip is a Trip

J Lindeberg (Swedish men’s apparel co.) – Trending North

LG – Life’s Good, But Better With ______ (4G, 3D, Hi-Def, etc..)  (Life’s Good is their actual tagline)

Ludens – Pop Your Cherry  (okay, this one is a bit too much..)

MyClean.com (cleaning service) – We Just Maid Your Life a Whole Lot Easier

Nike – Nike Means Victory

Oracle – See the Future   (too obvious?)

Porsche 911 – Overcompensation. So Worth It.

Skinny Cow – Be Fat Without Being Fat

Volkswagen Beetle – You Don’t Buy a Beetle, You Fall in Love With It

Wii U – A Study in Fun

Xerox – Replicate Success

Zyrtec – Be Nosey

Generic Car – Its Not Just a Car, Its a Relationship


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